Patent Search – Is My New Invention Idea Already Out There? Tips Before Paying for a Patent Search

Alright. So you have this good thought for an item and you’ve gotten some information about it and they believe it’s incredible. What’s more, you’re beginning to see the dollar signs blazing. Fantastic!

You’re almost certain you’ve never seen anything like your thought, yet how would you realize that nobody’s delivering it and you simply haven’t seen it? Or on the other hand possibly somebody developed it as of now and protected it yet it never made it into the commercial center.

Here are some straightforward tips on how you can discover so you can at long last beginning moving from thought to beneficial item:


• Go to a store where your item would be sold and look for your item.

• Ask the sales rep on the off chance that they have an item that plays out the undertakings that yours would.

• When depicting your item thought, consistently make sure to be cautious and to some degree obscure.

• Ask the sales rep about purchasers for your item class. You could say, “I’m doing explore on this item class, would you know the name of the purchaser who buys this item classification for you store?” If the sales rep doesn’t, ask them who might know.

• Call purchasers in your item class. When calling a purchaser, you could say, “My name is from organization (you need to make up an organization name). We are thinking about fostering an item in your purchasing class and we (generally use “we”) might want to know whether you’ve at any point seen anything like it?” Then give a short depiction of the manner in which your item works.

• It is a determined danger to depict your item thought to store purchasers since they have not consented to a classification arrangement, so keep it as broad as could really be expected. Nonetheless, store purchasers are for the most part so bustling that they want to run off and make your item.


Obviously a more quick and careful approach to see whether your item thought as of now exists is to do a patent hunt.

• Sooner or later you should do a patent inquiry on the off chance that you goal to patent your development. As opposed to mainstream thinking, a patent doesn’t secure “thoughts,” it ensures the particular mechanical way you complete that thought (Utility Patent) or the particular way any item looks (Design Patent).

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